About Music Class

The music class is a class for students that enjoy music, but don't have a desire to learn to play an instrument.  Students will learn about various composers from the Romantic, Baroque and Contemporary periods, the history of jazz, classical and modern music and be able to identify 4 different musicals from 4 different cultures.  Students will also learn to clap rhythms using quarter notes and rests, eighth notes and rests, half notes and rests and whole notes and rests.  Students will also have a literacy assignment to turn in every Thursday.

Class Sign In for week of 5/11/20

Learning Target

May 13-15, 2020

Learning Target:  Students will be familiar with 4 Classic Musicals from 4 different cultures.  They will be able to identify the musical by its characters, plot, setting, and be able to summarize the musical in two paragraphs.


Opening:  Students will log on to their Readworks account and complete the Literacy Thursday assignment.  


Work Session: Students will complete the Literacy assignment (due Thursday by 4:00 PM).  

Closing:  Students will submit all assignments on their due dates.

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